About Zéró-Tolerancia accountancy firm

Welcome to our website! If you would like to establish a new company or searching for a professional bookkeeper office, then you are at the right place by us! Let us introduce ourselves in a few minutes. It won’t be useless, because we would like to support you even from the beginning!

Our company provides comprehensive accounting and corporate administration services since 1997 for micro, small and medium sized companies, even if they are start up or already existing firms.

Our motto is: we provide uncompromising high level services for our clients, independently from their size or profile! We are proud of that up to this day none of our clients had to pay any penalty on the occasion of tax audits!

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StartUp Companies

If you have a good idea and you would like to establish a company for that, then please visit our page for Startup companies. You can save a lot for the future with your good choice. Our office is located in the Graphisoft Park, which office park even has a dedicated program for Startups.

IT and software companies

Historically our biggest clients are software and IT companies. In this segment we have especially lot of advices to achieve a favourable taxation and a successful operation.

International companies

Basically Hungarian language is used in our office, but we have English and German speaker colleagues as well. We can meet your demands if you would like to have conciliation in these languages.

General bookkeeping

We have clients from various fields of the economy. This complexity provides us the opportunity to acquire experiences in several professions in order to utilize them in other scopes too.

Our intent is to be the best in our profession that’s why we focus on bookkeeping and financial administration. Besides these we provide corporate administrative services together with our partners. In addition to accounting we and our partners offer the followings:

  • New company establishment,
  • Legal services,
  • Financial audit and tax advisory,
  • we help you to find out the best business framework and the best conditions to run it.

If you are interested, please contact us: Contact