General bookkeeping

The success of you company depends on you and on your team. To spend your valuable time to manage and improve your company you have to delegate the other tasks which are not belongs to this creative work.

We take on the basic administrative tasks:

  • Documentation handling
  • Managing the mid-year tax liability, preparing tax declarations
  • Sending online the tax declarations to the National Tax and Customs Administration
  • Registering fixed assets
  • Preparing annual tax declarations

When a company is getting larger, the quality of administration becomes more important. The surviving of the company can depend on this. The increasing number of tasks require better organizing, more attention and more competence. This challenge will be a daily routine with us!

  • Settling of business trips
  • Consulting before company foundation
  • Cooperating in set up of voucher order and control
  • Contribution to audit
  • Preparing statistical data supply
  • Creating the tax declarations and the annual report for pre-companies
  • Making annual tax declarations, balance sheet and profit and loss statement
  • Taking part on tax audit with authorisation

High quality services for professional companies. All elements of a well functioning company must be perfect. This contains not only the distinct operational/productive activity but the stable, secured background, the „backoffice”. We offer you this in case of management. Over our basic services we provide several tasks and we fulfil custom demands.

Among others:

  • Managing of no-debt certificate from National Tax and Customs Administration for tenders
  • General business administration with authorization
  • Receiving accounting documents, vouchers at clients place, handling of them
  • Creating reports in foreign languages (English, German) on-demand
  • Organizing entire legal representation of companies
  • Evolving and managing Cafeteria

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