Scanning invoices and handing them over by using a smartphone

Számla szkennelése iPhone-nal

Számla szkennelése iPhone-nal

We have introduced our newest service which helps our clients to hand over all of their invoices, certificates and all documents by using a smartphone app. Handing over invoices is not just very comfortable and effective this way, but it makes us possible to introduce new, unique services in the near future in our bookeeping services.

Should you have any kind of good quality scanners or a smartphone or tablet with a good camera, you can provide us with all documents in a comfortable and fast manner. The only important point is to provide us images in PDF or JPG files with well readable content and to provide all invoices, certificates and documents.

As this way the invoices can arrive to us during the month nearly “immediately” upon their arrival, therefore we will be able to do up to date accounting and provide mid-month reports for effective management of your business in the near future.

It is important to mention that based on this new service all original documents, invoices and certificates can be stored by our clients in their own archives, meanwhile our accounting system stores every item as a copy attaced to each accounting item for later use. These attachments can be simply recalled anytime for any purpose. All documents stored and handled by our systems might be accessed only by our colleagues using their dedicated usernames and controlled, good quality passwords even only for viewing the items.

The invocies, documents and certificates digitized and stored by us cannot be handled as digital archives, they are not accepted for this purpose by the tax authority. They only help the everyday work with our clients and makes our cooperation even more comfortable. If the tax authority requests for the original documents – e.g. during a tax investigation -, then we should provide those original instances with the help of our clients for the time of such investigations. Till today we haave the experience that the inspectors of the tax authority can work from these copies pretty well and they request the original instances only in case they need to deeply investigate some of the items.

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