IT and software companies

Our office has been enriched with many clients during the existence of it. We are located in Graphisoft Park and probably because of this or the suggestion of our satisfied clients most of our customers are IT, mainly software companies.

This background demand us to get a specialized knowledge from this scope of business which can be used for our clients. These fields of economy get more flexibility in the legal taxation than other parts which can be worth to utilize.

If you have a software company, or work in IT sector, contact us, it is worth while.

A little addendum to those of you who would like to get an everyday up to date bookkeeping or hand over the invoices/documents electronically for accounting purposes:

Scanning an invoice using an iPhone

Scanning an invoice using an iPhone

We have introduced our new on-line invoice, certificate and document hand-over system where our users can scan and send all their documents by using a simple mobile app. The only important requirements are that all documents must be well readable and all items should be handed over that needs to involved into the bookkeeping.

We attach all these documents to our accounting system’s items this way helping the easy recall and administration of all invoices.

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