StartUp companies

Several great ideas are born ever day which can only be successful if there is a stable company in the background. To find the best business unit framework, the scope of activities of the founders and the participants are such as important as to establish the company itself. Besides this the officially announced activity of the company to the National Tax and Customs Administration, the necessary documentations are also major points to avoid any inconveniences during a tax audit.

Establishing a company is a long term decision which should be well founded and considered before the beginning. Later this will return on both the costs and on the administration works or even in a successful tax audit.

You are going to make a long term decision! We would like to help you to take your best!

A company cannot be established for free. We are going to provide a stable background with the highest level of specialized knowledge.

Contact us before you start your company and we will help you to succeeded in your business with assured bookkeeping, tax consulting and with full performance of tasks at company establishment.

A little addendum to those of you who would like to get an everyday up to date bookkeeping or hand over the invoices/documents electronically for accounting purposes:

Scanning an invoice using an iPhone

Scanning an invoice using an iPhone

We have introduced our new on-line invoice, certificate and document hand-over system where our users can scan and send all their documents by using a simple mobile app. The only important requirements are that all documents must be well readable and all items should be handed over that needs to involved into the bookkeeping.

We attach all these documents to our accounting system’s items this way helping the easy recall and administration of all invoices.

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